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Hi, my name is Lucy aka Dinky! I have been crocheting for a while now. I sell the items that I make and quite often give them away as gifts. I am training to be an instructor for JumpingCLAY a product designed to inspire children’s creativity. If you either see something you would like to purchase (please click the images or text)  please get in touch or feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Much love! Xx

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Meet ‘Ami’ she is an example of the Japanese ‘Amigurumi’ crochet form.


The name Dinky came about after travelling in Africa. While I was visiting Ethiopia I learnt that it was home to fossils belonging to some of the oldest human remains ever found. These remains are one of the most important examples of the evolution of man from ape, showing how we began to walk upright. In England we know this skeleton as ‘Lucy’ but the Ethiopian name is ‘Dinknesh’. This quickly became my new nickname and was soon shortened to Dinky by my travel mates. The name stuck and still reminds me of  all the wonderful people I met and learning about the widely diverse cultures around Africa.

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I have a real passion for all things crafty.  As well as making things I also write and sell crochet patterns. I am regularly looking to expand my creative knowledge by trying different patterns or stitches allowing me to create new patterns that are easy to follow for beginners. I take great pride and pleasure in passing on these new skills and techniques.

You can purchase my patterns for yourself at my Etsy shop which can be found


Dinky Designs came about after I started making various crochet and sewn items as gifts for my family and friends, they were so well received that I thought it would be great to share my creative passion with the internet world. I initially set up a Facebook page then an Etsy shop and finally this lovely website you find yourself enjoying.

You can find out all my latest creations and goings on my Facebook page